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NMB Bank Plc is a full-fledged commercial bank currently the largest bank in Tanzania operating in Tanzania destination only, the bank has spread all over the country covering major cities to small towns which makes a comfortability to access the funds. The bank offers range of financial products from opening a saving and current accounts to credit facilities. If you’re a foreigner and intend to stay a little bit longer you may open an account with NMB and access your financial related issues at your pace. They only require you to submit: -

i)                     A copy of valid Tanzania residence permit including work permit if available

ii)                   A copy of your passport

iii)                  Maximum of 4 passport size photos with blue background

iv)                 Recommendation/Introduction letter from your host organization/employer or the office of local government authority available at your residential address.

Once your account is ready you will be provided with MasterCard and Cheque book depending with your requirements and account type. You will be able to credit and withdraw your new account anytime even International fund transfer In and Out can effectively be done through the swift code: NMIBTZTZ


NMB Bank Plc do accept foreign currency exchange (Buy & Sell), walking customers (customers with no bank account) can also access this service however foreign visitors needs to possess and produce their valid International Passport copy for verifications. Forex board are available to the banking halls however you’re encouraged to request for special rate if you have a significant amount of cash like from USD 5,000 and above.

NMB accept these currencies for exchange, only these currencies.



There are several ATMs located in different major cities and small towns, NMB BANK ATMS accept these International Cards Only:-

i)                     Mastercard

ii)                   Visacard

iii)                  Maestro

iv)                 Cirrus

Point to note: all ATMs in Tanzania (including other commercial banks) are replenished with Tanzania currency only. Don’t expect your International card to withdraw other currency than Tanzania shillings.

While at Lushoto NMB Bank Plc ATMs can be accessible at: -

ü  NMB Lushoto Branch

ü  SEKOMU University (1km from Anmut Hostel and Magamba Forest Reserve)

ü  NMB Bumbuli Branch

From Dar ES Salaam to Lushoto (Via Chalinze highway) NMB ATMs can be accessible in these highway areas.

ü  Julius Kambarage International Airport - DAR

ü  Ubungo Traffic Junction at Petrol station

ü  Kibaha at NMB Branch

ü  Chalinze at NMB Branch

ü  Mkata at NMB Branch

ü  Korogwe at NMB Branch

ü  Mombo at NMB Branch

From Dar ES Salaam to Lushoto (Via Bagamoyo – Pangani road) NMB ATMs can be accessible in these highway areas.

ü  Mwenge at NMB Branch

ü  Mbezi at NMB Branch

ü  Tegeta at NMB Branch

ü  Bagamoyo at NMB Branch

ü  Pangani at NMB Branch

ü  Muheza at NMB Branch

ü  Korogwe at NMB Branch

ü  Mombo at NMB Branch

From Arusha to Lushoto NMB ATMs can be accessible in these highway areas.

ü  Mianzini area at Petrol station

ü  Usa River at NMB Branch

ü  Kilimanjaro International Airport - JRO

ü  Hai at NMB Branch

ü  Moshi at Nelson Mandela Branch

ü  Moshi at Mawenzi Branch

ü  Kiboriloni (Moshi) at Petrol station

ü  Mwanga at NMB Branch

ü  Same at NMB Branch

ü  Hedaru at NMB Branch

ü  Mombo at NMB Branch

For any queries and support you can call customer service number: 0800 002 002 or 022 2322000


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Lushoto town centre