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USAMBARA TOURISM PROMOTION AND VOLUNTEER PROGRAM - UTPVP is a Tanzania registered social enterprise building a long-term sustainable tourism business that focuses on preserving, encourage and promote tourism industry within Usambara mountains. UTPVP is non-profit tech startup operating under Scorpion Tours Ltd ownership and leadership. 

We have an enthusiastic team hailing from Usambara mountains joined by our passion for experiential travel and social impact. We are building the Usambara mountains leading platform for engagement with nonprofits, for-profits and other impactful organizations allowing millions of users country and worldwide to;

Discover - What real Usambara mountains has to offer and contribute to its visitors social and cultural life, knowledge and adventures of a life time.

Support - The social and economical welfare of Usambara mountains people through volunteerism, internal and external community supporting programs which are fully organized for the benefit of Usambara community.

Interact - With Usambara tourism stakeholders and NGOs both virtually and in-person.

UTPVP aims to greatly promote, support and foster the Tourism development around Usambara Mountains by spreading the word to both Domestic and International travel markets the beauty, diversity, romance and vibrancy of the Usambara to people of all ages and race. Usambara mountains are currently one of the most country side popular travel destination when it comes to hiking, cycling, cultural and nature tourism.

UTPVP will utilize and improve the current Tourism attractions found at Usambara mountains however our organization intends to initiate and introduce new attractions and activities in order to make Usambara the most preferable destination in Tanzania, easy going, full of fun and excitement one should never miss. 

UTPVP can not reach to the great ambitions and determination towards Usambara mountains by itself we'll encourage and motivate more industry stakeholders and investors to join hands in developing Usambara destination thus the reason of incorporating Real estate to our website for easy land acquisitions and investments.

UTPVP aspires to provide technical support, educational, training and hands-on volunteering program to support the grassroots community projects around Usambara mountains to carter the needs, improve and share the knowledge and skills amongst volunteers with the community they serve at most affordable expense. Our programs are matched with volunteer interest, gain real local community life experience through affordability, quality and safety.

Our Business Model
Our visitors are in contact with us via a directory site full of basic and crucial information regarding Usambara mountains; The Accommodation, Tour and service providers, Attractions and activities, Restaurants and Coffee Lounge, Transfer and Hiring, Volunteer programs, Community Projects, Local products, Events, Career development, Land acquisitions for investors etc 
We careful analyze our service providers before approving them to hold an account to our site. We go through their business legality, experience and past service records, whenever deemed fit we can also do a site visit for further verifications. Service providers who revoke our operating standards with authentic complaints are immediately removed from our site.

We collect a fee from our service providers only to the service/products granted through our site. The small fee that we collect help UTPVP to pay overhead expenses, Branding and marketing, Staff salaries, Volunteers housing refurbishment esp to remote areas, creation of new attractions and involvement/contributions to grassroots community projects.

Expected results of this portal 
The portal will provides requisite tourist information and guidance to Usambara mountains tourism and local products. Additionally, it will helps capture tourist experience/review before, during and after the trip an information crucial for upcoming visitors.

Increase awareness of the region’s tourism activities, accommodation, products and other related tourism information and act as an interactive guide to the destination for volunteers, researchers and conversion to bookings

Provide an avenue to link with consumers interested in visiting the region, a platform to showcase products and services; and access information on Exhibitions and road-shows, amongst other joint promotional campaigns.

Media, gain access to destination information such as; press releases, photos, activities, videos amongst other documents.

Will benefit local products and service providers with limited access to internet/online presence and website as they will have an access to our platform hence chances of being spotted will greatly increase eventually further their business opportunities.